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When Someone Dies

Probate Advice & Estate Administration Solicitors

The death of a loved one is invariably a time of grief and vulnerability for those who are left behind. It is also a time when dealing with the practicalities and decisions that must be made regarding the deceased’s estate is probably the last thing that is wanted.

Our highly experienced private client team understands these difficulties and will talk to those responsible for estate administration – the executors (or administrators, if no will was left) – offering support and advice and, on the executors’ behalf, handle all the various aspects that need to be dealt with as part of the estate administration.

The Probate & Estate Administration Process

We will firstly find out what assets and liabilities the estate comprises. Our probate solicitors will then obtain accurate valuations of these from the various organisations and with this detail, make an application for grant of probate by completing and submitting the relevant HM Revenue & Customs form. The application also requires an oath to be ‘sworn’ by the executors which we will draft.  Once obtained, the grant will allow us to draw in the estate assets, settle any debts and, on the approval of the executors distribute the estate funds according to the will or, if no will was left in accordance with the intestacy rules.

Certain estates may be subject to inheritance tax and, as part of the application, we will deal with the calculation and ensure the timely payment of the tax.

If any state benefits are due to the estate or, in the case of an overpayment, due by the estate then we will liaise with Department for Work and Pensions and, similarly, if income tax is due to or by the estate we will communicate with HMRC.

It may be that the estate includes a property and, if so, we will be happy to talk to the insurance company ensuring that the relevant cover continues particularly if the property is unoccupied. The clearance of a property can be an arduous and sometimes upsetting task for the family so if, required we can arrange for the clearance to be done by a professional, competitive company.

Throughout the administration period we will ensure that the executors are kept fully informed of the work we are undertaking, any queries responded to promptly and, importantly, the charge we make for our services, open to transparency and scrutiny through our time-recording system.

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Our probate solicitors can help and guide you through the entire estate administration process, easing confusion and providing support. If you require supportive advice or guidance on any administration, probate, trust or will matter, then please get in touch with one of our  solicitors.

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