A grievance is complaint which you decide to raise with your employer e.g. about your working conditions, bullying, unpaid wages etc. If you wish to raise a grievance, you should put it in writing and explain what it is about.

Your employer should invite you to attend a grievance meeting where you can explain your grievance and state your right of appeal.

Following the meeting, your employer should inform you in writing of the action it intends to take to resolve your grievance.

Your employer should inform you of your right to appeal the outcome of your grievance.

We can provide you with advice during this procedure or advise you about any claims, arising out of it.


Right to be accompanied

You have a right to be accompanied by a fellow worker, a trade union representative or an official employed by a trade union at any meeting relating to a grievance.


Settlement Agreement

If you know that you want to leave your employment and do not wish to raise a grievance or if you are unhappy with the outcome of your grievance, it is worth considering the possibility of broaching a Settlement Agreement with your employer.

If we consider that you have potential claims, we can write to your employer, setting out your claims and invite your employer to offer a financial package to you. In return for accepting the financial package, your employment would normally end under a Settlement Agreement and you would give up your employment claims.

Settlement Agreements are legal binding agreements upon which you must receive independent legal advice. The Agreement usually includes a variety of clauses, such as the settlement of claims, confidentiality of the Agreement, an agreement that neither side makes derogatory comments about the other one and the provision of an agreed reference for you.


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