Legal Advice on Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Coventry

If you need help with a Settlement Agreement, our employment solicitors in Coventry can help.

Perhaps your employer has offered you a Settlement Agreement out of the blue?  Maybe they have unexpectedly offered to pay you a sum of money in exchange for your employment being terminated and your employment claims being “given up”?   They may also have informed you that you need to take legal advice before signing.

Is your Settlement Agreement fair?

If an employer has offered you a Settlement Agreement without warning and asked you to sign it, you will no doubt be feeling daunted and upset.  We can help you with all aspects of Settlement Agreements so please get in touch with us.  We can advise you on your employment rights and guide you through the process.

You do not necessarily have to sign the Settlement Agreement or agree to the terms which are initially offered to you – it is important that you know that the deal is fair.  At BTTJ, our employment solicitors are experienced in reviewing the terms of Settlement Agreements. We can advise you whether you are getting a good deal and also negotiate improved terms on your behalf.

Our advice is always tailored and personal to your individual situation.

What you need to know about Settlement Agreements

When you get in touch with us, we’ll be able to answer the questions you may have about Settlement Agreements.  Some things to consider are:

  • Under a Settlement Agreement, you will be giving up (settling) your employment claims and this is normally linked to the termination of your employment and financial compensation
  • You will be required to take independent legal advice before you sign a Settlement Agreement
  • Your employer will normally contribute to the cost of legal advice about the terms of a Settlement Agreement
  • Under the terms of a Settlement Agreement, it is usual for your employer to agree to provide a reference when a reference request is made by a future employer
  • The terms of a Settlement Agreement usually require you to keep the Agreement and its terms confidential as well as keeping confidential the circumstances leading up to it
  • We can negotiate improved terms, on your behalf, if you are not happy with what has been offered in a Settlement Agreement.

In some instances, you may initiate a discussion with your employer about entering into a Settlement Agreement where you consider you have potential employment claims.

For example, you may be facing a potential dismissal by your employer (for misconduct, poor performance, ill health etc.) and from a reputational point of view, you want to avoid your employment ending in this way.

Alternatively, you may feel that the employment relationship is untenable due to bullying, discrimination or other serious matters affecting you at work and you want your employment to end on agreed terms.

In this case, it is always advisable to seek advice before you begin any discussion with your employer.

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