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Fixed fees for eviction

Landlord Services – Fixed fees for evictions

There are up to 3 stages involved in getting a tenant evicted.

The first stage is service of the Section 8 and / or Section 21 notices.  Section 8 is for a  breach of the tenancy agreement, including rent arrears, and Section 21 is for a no fault eviction after the expiry of the fixed term. 

The second stage is issuing court proceedings.  There are 2 routes for issuing a claim for possession and we will assist in identifying the right course of action for your situation.

The third stage is is the Enforcement stage.

Stage 1: Service of a s8 and/or s21 notice – Drafting and service of the notices.

1 notice = £70.00 plus VAT

Both notices = £100.00 plus VAT

Stage 2(a): Rent arrears – Issuing the claim, attending the first hearing and preparing a witness statement

£650.00 plus VAT for our fees

£355.00 Court Fee *

Stage 2(b): End of Tenancy – no rent arrears claimed

This can be issued via the Accelerated Procedure and it is unlikely that a court hearing will be necessary.

If no court hearing: £350.00 plus VAT

Court Fee:  £355.00 *

In the unlikely event that a hearing is required, there will be an additional charge.

Stage 3: Enforcement

We will issue the warrant and instruct the bailiff. We will keep you informed of when the appointment is listed and save you the effort of communicating with the court.

Our fees: £80.00 plus VAT

Bailiff fees: £121.00 *

We can ask for the matter to be transferred to the High Court and a Sheriff instructed if you prefer.  Typically Sheriff fees are significantly higher than the bailiff fees.  If you think you would prefer a Sheriff, please speak to us about the advantages and disadvantages.  If you think you may wish to use a sheriff please inform us before the court hearing.

*Please note that court fees and bailiff fees are not within our control and may vary.