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Partnership Disputes

Are you dealing with a partnership dispute? Let our solicitors help…

Partnership disputes arise for many reasons and the longer a dispute is left unaddressed, the more damage may be done.  Each case is different and at BTTJ we are experienced in guiding you through what can be a difficult period and negotiating on your behalf to get you the best result.

We find that disagreements in a partnership can commonly occur for the following reasons:

  • Breaches of a partnership agreement
  • Misconduct of a partner
  • A partner who is not pulling their weight
  • Disputes over decision making, business objectives and spend
  • Breakdown in trust
  • Liabilities of a partner
  • Fraud

If a dispute does arise, seeking prompt legal advice can help prevent the dispute from escalating further and we will able to advise you on the options best suited to reaching a solution.

To discuss a partnership dispute and find out how we can help please contact John Ward.