Contract Disputes

Are you involved in a contract dispute?

Contracts are at the heart of virtually all business dealings and it is therefore not surprising that disagreements about a contract arise from time to time.

When a dispute relating to an agreement does take place, you will want to ensure you understand your rights under the contract and are taking the most appropriate course of action.

At BTTJ our solicitors take the time to fully understand your business, commercial interests and objectives so that we can advise how best to protect your interests.

Our experience in contract disputes covers many types of businesses and industries including; manufacturing, construction, technology and real estate and we advise on disputes arising from day to day issues as well as highly complex matters.

We find that many contract disputes involve:

  • goods or services agreements
  • warranty claims
  • retention of title clause
  • licensing agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • franchises
  • landlord and tenant

We will be able to assess the terms of the contract for you, understand the impact of any amendments that have been made and also the type of breach of contract that may have occurred.

Not only do we understand the law of contract rights and the problems that can occur but we are also highly experienced in seeking solutions for our clients in the most effective and timely way.

If going to trial is the most appropriate course of action, or becomes necessary, we will rigorously protect your rights and do everything we can to achieve the best outcome for you.

Very often we find that other methods of solving the disagreement are more appropriate. Methods of settling a dispute outside of the court room and not involving litigation such as Mediation or Arbitration are referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Our contract dispute solicitor, John Ward, is also an accredited Mediator and very experienced in helping clients find pragmatic and strategic solutions to their contract disputes.  Solving disagreements by mediation often means the parties are able to maintain their business relationships whilst also preserving confidentiality.

If you are in a contract dispute and need help, or have any questions, please contact us.