Shareholder disputes

What happens if a shareholder dispute has arisen?

We appreciate that shareholder disputes create a huge amount of uncertainty and can be stressful.  We find that disputes can commonly occur around:

  • Dividends
  • Salaries
  • Shareholder buyout
  • Direction of the business
  • Differences in contribution
  • Conflicting interests
  • Rights of minority shareholders

Seeking advice at the earliest opportunity is recommended to prevent the issue from becoming time consuming and destructive.

At BTTJ our solicitors can advise you clearly on the options open to you for resolving the dispute and how best to move forwards.  We will be able to understand the full commercial context and guide you through the strategies available to you.

Our Dispute Resolution solicitor John Ward is also an accredited mediator which means he is very well placed to help with any negotiation and  experienced in helping clients find practical and strategic solutions.

If you have any queries about a shareholder dispute, or need help drafting an agreement, please get in touch.