Has your business been let down by a professional?

If your business has dealt with a professional such as an accountant, architect, solicitor, surveyor or financial advisor and you have concerns about the quality of advice and have suffered financial loss, our experienced solicitors at BTTJ will be able to help.

Problems you may have experienced could be where your business was given inaccurate advice, where the service provided was substandard or where an obvious mistake was made. This can amount to a breach of duty of care.

We will be able to discuss your situation with you, understand how it has affected your business and advise whether it is a case of professional negligence and the best course of action.

BTTJ represents all types of businesses that are either in dispute with a professional or have experienced loss as a result of negligent professional advice.

Our dispute resolution lawyers will always work in the best interests of your business, whether this is negotiating with a professional advisor’s insurer, or defending your rights in court, or achieving a favourable outcome through alternative dispute resolution services such as mediation.

To discuss your individual situation with us and find out how we can help, please contact John Ward.