New Employment Law Protects Employees With Care Responsibilities To Others

New Employment Law Protects Employees With Care Responsibilities To Others

5th April 2024

New legislation taking effect from April 6th will be a welcome new legal right for employees.

Employees who are unpaid carers for a person with long term care needs will be entitled to up to five days of unpaid leave a year Unpaid carer’s leave – GOV.UK (

The law is designed to protect and assist employees with care responsibilities. The new right is effective from the first day of employment, so there is no minimum period an employee has to be in their job for to be get this entitlement.

There is also flexibility depending on the need – for example, an employee can use a half day, full days or if needed use them all at once.

Notice to the employer does however have to be given. Furthermore, the notice needs to be for twice as much time as the leave required – or at the employers’ discretion for shorter notice. Employers can postpone leave when certain conditions are considered.

I am sure there are many employees who have the worry of juggling jobs and the responsibility of caring for someone. The new legislation acknowledges that there is a need to help those employees. Importantly if an employee needs that leave, the legislation is designed to give them protection from being dismissed or suffering detriment simply because they have exercised that right.

If an employee previously felt vulnerable asking for time to help someone for whom they had caring responsibilities, the introduction of this legislation hopefully gives them new comfort affording them new statutory rights and protection.

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Article written by Employment Solicitor, Kerry Hudson.