Nichola Anderton

Nichola Anderton

8th December 2016

Debt Collection and Insolvency

Nicky has worked with the firm for 26 years, gaining a wealth of knowledge in the legal system during that period.  She is often referred to as “The Rottweiler” in terms of her tenacious approach to collecting money due to clients by parties unwilling to pay.  It is Nicky’s mission to get blood from unwilling stones, and she has a very high success rate in collecting debts that clients thought they would ultimately have to write off.  Nicky believes that the key to successful collection is understanding your debtor and determining which course of action will ultimately reap a positive result.  She is experienced in issuing Claim forms and obtaining judgment, and is experienced in the following methods of enforcement:

  • Charging Orders / Orders for Sale
  • Attachment of Earnings applications
  • Orders for Questioning
  • Third Party Debt Orders
  • Statutory Demands
  • Bankruptcy Petitions
  • Winding Up Petitions

Likewise, Nicky is able to provide legal advice to companies or individuals facing legal proceedings.


Landlord and Tenant – Possession Proceedings & Tenant claims

Nicky is instructed by many landlords who wish to evict their tenants.  She can issue Section 8 and Section 21 Notices on behalf of clients, aiming to issue and serve Notices within 48 hours of instruction, dependant on the property location and the client’s choice of service method.   She is aware how important it is for landlords to gain possession of their property as quickly and smoothly as possible.  She is experienced in the issue of Possession proceedings, utilising both the Accelerated Possession Route, and Standard Court process, arranging for attendance at hearings, and seeking money judgments for outstanding rent arrears on behalf of the client.  Nicky will also instruct Bailiffs and Sheriffs to forcefully evict tenants who do not vacate the property voluntarily, and can arrange for representation at evictions if the client does not wish to be present, arranging for locksmiths to change the locks at the same time.

In addition, Nicky will act on behalf of tenants of unscrupulous landlords, bringing those landlords to task if they fail to fulfil their obligations.