What do I need to do when someone dies?

What do I need to do when someone dies?

26th May 2022

We understand that when someone dies it can be a difficult and daunting time.  There are many things to consider and lots of things that need to be done when someone passes away. This can be overwhelming. 

Here at Brindley Twist Tafft & James, we offer an understanding and sympathetic approach to help you deal with these matters.

The first steps to take when someone dies is to register the death and to arrange the funeral.

The next stage is to ascertain who is eligible to sort out the person’s property and assets. This could be a person appointed in a Will if the person who has passed away left one, or it might be their nearest blood relative if there is no Will. This person is called the personal representative (“PR”).

The next step is to establish what assets and liabilities that person had. Depending on the value and complexity of those assets, a grant of probate or letters of administration (“a grant”) issued by the probate court may be required.  A grant is the PR’s legal authority to cash in or transfer those assets to the beneficiaries.  As part of the probate process, the PR will need to work out if there is any inheritance tax to pay. This will depend on the value of the estate and who it is passing to under the Will or the rules of intestacy. 

We recommend that you seek professional advice to ensure the correct process and rules are followed.  Please contact our friendly and supportive Private Client Department who will be happy to talk you through the processes involved.