Motor Insurers’ Bureau: Uninsured Drivers

Motor Insurers’ Bureau: Uninsured Drivers

17th February 2015

I Have Been Involved in a Road Accident with an Uninsured Driver. Can I Make a Claim Against Them?

Yes, you can claim against the The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB). The MIB is funded through insurance premiums paid by insured motorists through a monthly levy on motor insurers. If you, the innocent party has insurance, you are entitled to claim.


Personal Injury

You are advised to seek medical attention immediately and to take photographs of all vehicle damage and injuries. The MIB will organise the compiling of a report perhaps calling in a rehabilitation team to assess future needs and costs.

  • You must make your claim for injury within threeyears of the accident date.
  • You must make your claim for vehicle/property damage within three years of the accident date in Scotland and within six years in the rest of the UK.
  • You must keep any losses to a minimum (otherwise known as mitigation of losses).
  • You are advised to report the incident to the police within 14 days for personal injury or within five days for vehicle/property damage.


Exceptions to You Bringing a Claim

You cannot bring a claim if you allowed yourself to be carried in a vehicle when you knew or ought to have known that the vehicle was either stolen, uninsured, driven by someone under the influence of drink or drugs, or used to further crime.


Legal Steps

If we take your case on, we would act on a Conditional Fee Agreement (No win, no fee).

We would make a claim against both the third party and MIB. If your claim is successful the MIB would meet your claim and pay any compensation due to you.

If 7 days after final judgment against the Defendant driver, the claim is not satisfied, the MIB will meet the claim together with costs.