Thinking About Redundancies?

Thinking About Redundancies?

17th February 2014

Step 1: Is there a genuine redundancy situation?

Step 2: Consider pool(s) and selection criteria and list out any alternatives to Redundancy

Step 3: If appropriate, notify the Secretary of State and begin collective consultation

Step 4: First meeting: Pool of Employees

Step 5: First letter – “At Risk”

Step 6: If appropriate, collective consultation

Step 7: Apply the selection criteria – redundancy scoring

Step 8: Second letter to those provisionally selected

Step 9: First individual meeting

Step 10: Consider and follow up any employee representations made during the meeting.

Step 11: Second individual meeting with “provisionally” selected employee.

Step 12: Send employee letter confirming their selection for dismissal by reason of redundancy, and offer an appeal.

Step 13: If relevant, acknowledge receipt of any appeal Letter and set up a hearing

Step 14: Hear the appeal .

Step 15: Write to the employee and confirm the outcome of the appeal.


This redundancy checklist is intended to provide a general overview of, and memory aid for those conducting, a redundancy procedure. It is not intended to be a substitute for specific legal advice. You should therefore ensure that you seek legal advice about your organisation’s specific circumstances and requirements.