Father Christmas and the Environmental Reporting Requirement

Father Christmas and the Environmental Reporting Requirement

11th December 2023

Father Christmas was sat reading through his naughty and nice lists on his laptop, as he took a sip of his cocoa a ping sounded from his computer. An email from a child Joseph B. Loggs via the Father Christmas virtual mail service. Father Christmas took another sip and straightening his spectacles prepared himself for another ‘Dear Father Christmas, I would like for Christmas letter’. However, young Joe had a different topic he wanted to cover, to that of a wish list like any other…………

“Dear Father Christmas,

I write as you are a supplier of toys, presents and (where necessary) coal to my family.

I will need a report into your environmental policies especially sustainability, how you intend to lower your use of coal (whether that’s using the coal to power your elves’ workshop or for the naughty list) in the long run.

Your carbon footprint is my main concern when all is said and done.

As you know the intention is, by 2030, have the country at net zero.

If you can’t report on this then you cannot be my hero.

Yours sincerely

Joseph B Loggs”

Father Christmas sat there scratching his head in a bit of a flummox.  “Net zero, environmental reporting – What is this?” he asked, even the Elves’ book keepers did not know!

He picked up the phone to his helpful lawyer from days past. “Please help me and fast”.

“Of course Father Christmas, although your operation may not be massive” replied the lawyer “with ESG reporting your involvement may not be passive. You may get questions and enquiries from others, please come to my office and I will assist.” He continued.

As we proceed through the festive period and into the new year, businesses may find themselves being asked by those they supply to about their policies on environmental and social issues whether that be sustainability, reducing your carbon footprint or how you have sourced your materials. There are requirements on many businesses to report on these topics as part of their financial reporting.

If you are at any time not sure what you could or should do (or have in place) please contact our expert Corporate Commercial team at BTTJ who will be happy to discuss your business and how you can look to ensure that going into the new year you can provide answers to such questions.

Article written by Corporate Commercial Solicitor Kyle Smith