I have just been involved in a road traffic accident (RTA), what should i do?

I have just been involved in a road traffic accident (RTA), what should i do?

17th February 2013

•1. Pull over where it is safe to do so and speak to all parties involved in the accident. You need to ascertain the following details( you are required to exchange details by law) :

a. Name of third party/parties

b. Address of thid party/parties

c. Contact telephone numbers of third party/parties

d. Vehicle registration of third party/parties

e. Make, model and colour of the vehicle(s) involved

f. Insurance details including:

i. insurers name

ii. policy number

iii. fully comprehensive/third party?

g. Details of weather and road conditions

h. Details of accident-what happened and who is to blame?

•2. Are there any witnesses to the accident?

a. Get the names, addresses and vehicle registrations of any witnesses (including passengers in the other vehicles involved).

•3. Make a clear note of all of these details in a diary or on your phone. You cannot afford to lose these details!

•4. Record any other details you think may be important eg use of mobile phone, if you think the driver of the other vehicle has been drinking, weather conditions etc.

•5. Use a cameraphone to take photos showing the road layout, position of vehicles and their damage (take care near busy roads).

•6. If you’re unsure about whether you should call the police – make the call. The police don’t usually attend road traffic accidents where there are no injuries but it is still worth reporting the incident. Make a note of the reference number and the PC investigating the accident.

•7. You must notify your insurance company immediately of any collision you are involved in, regardless of whether or not a claim is to be made or whose fault it was. Give them all the details, notes, photographs etc.

•8. Go to the hospital/GP. The hospital and GP will keep records of your injuries and the accident details which can support your claim.

•9. Financial losses-keep records of how many days you had off work and all out of pocket expenses incurred as a result of the accident, e.g. travel fares, damage to clothing, vehicle repair costs, loss of earnings


I have just discovered that the third party was uninsured; does that mean I cannot claim?

No, we can still pursue your claim through the Motor Insurer’s Bureau’s (MIB) Uninsured Driver’s Agreement.

The MIB are an organisation funded by insurers which compensates the victims of uninsured drivers and hit and run accidents.


I was involved in a hit and run. Can I still bring a claim?

Yes we can still pursue your claim through the MIB’s Untraced Driver’s Agreement.