Can I be stopped from seeing my child because of child maintenance payments?

Can I be stopped from seeing my child because of child maintenance payments?

2nd July 2019

Have you been told that you can not see your child because of child maintenance payments?

Maybe the other parent is saying you need to pay more or that you are behind with the payments and won’t let you see your child because of it.


Watch the  video below in which Family Law Solicitor, Melanie Davis, looks at what happens if a parent, frequently the father, is being stopped from seeing their child because of child maintenance.

Some key points to think about are:

  • Contact should only be stopped if there are safeguarding concerns in place
  • We try and resolve the issue of contact amicably through correspondence or mediation – sometimes however it may have to go to court
  • A court will not allow a lack of payment of maintenance as a reason for stopping contact – they want the child seeing both parents
  • If a parent is asking for more money, visit the child maintenance website and use the online calculator to check that you are paying the correct amount
  • You are obliged legally to pay the correct amount of child maintenance – however this is treated as a separate issue to contact



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