Do I need to attend mediation?

Do I need to attend mediation?

17th December 2018

Are you involved in a child or finance related proceeding and wondering whether mediation is worth it and will work?

In the video below, family law solicitor Melanie Davis explains what mediation is, when it is required and the different types.

Some points to think about are:

  • You have to attend mediation in financial cases if you want to make an application to court.
  • Mediation can work particularly well in child related cases.  However it will not work in cases of domestic violence or where there are safeguarding concerns in place.
  • Make sure you keep in touch with your solicitor after your mediation sessions.
  • Using mediation is cheaper than going to court.


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Samantha has a wealth of family law experience and is an accredited member of  both Resolution and The Law Society Children Panel